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Flexibulk Logistics Pty Ltd supplies and installs Philton Polythene Converters (PPC) liquid bulk tanks , known as ‘Flexitanks’ to the Australian and new Zealand market. Bulk Liquid Flexitanks can be used for a wide range of non-hazardous industrial and food grade liquids.

With our partner PPC we are able to supply Flexitanks to virtually any size, only restricted by the cubic capacity of the container, or weight restrictions currently applicable. All PPC products are manufactured under strict ISO9001/2008 quality accreditation.

Eliminating uncertainties along each step of the supply chain, we take care of every detail – combining people, specialist knowledge and technology to offer a complete logistics management solution to a range of customers around the world.

It takes specialist skills, expertise and dedicated processes to move non-hazardous industrial and food grade liquids swiftly, surely and securely around the world. It takes focus too. 100% of it, 100% of the time.

Our experience and knowledge ensure that we handle each type of non-hazardous industrial and food grade liquids in the most effective way. We can also advise you on exact requirements for each and every one of the products we ship; from maintaining optimum temperature, to reducing the risks of theft, to anticipating potential customs hurdles.

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